Bitcoin Vault

Bitcoin Vault is the futurehttps://bitcoinvault.global/

@BitcoinVault is the new #bitcoin what Bitcoin has been doing since 2009 is what bitcoin vault is doing since 2019 with a higher level of security. Bitcoin Vault is the world’s first cryptocurrency that allows users to cancel transactions after they are posted to the blockchain🕵️.

This revolutionary approach is possible with a customized blockchain protocol which confirms payments within 144 blocks (or around 24 hours)🕕🕕🕕. This feature protects users from losing their funds in case of common key thefts, user mistakes or errors and bugs🧩🔐🔎.

The price of bitcoin vault is R787,38 and The price of Bitcoin R828 249,23If you have a couple of thousands you can buy and hold a couple of #bitcoinvault coins and that is wealth creation for yourself. Do it for yourself.

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