Welcome to my World of Cryptocurrencies and Network Marketing. I am a Network Marketing Professional! Doing what I love while I experience tremendous growth personally, professionally and spiritually.

My name is Khanyisa Iris. Over the past years, I have known about Bitcoin  and mining but I procrastinated due to not knowing which is the legitimate platform until I was introduced to the Mining City opportunity under the umbrella of The Fox Nation, an amazing organization with leaders that have the best interest at heart for everyone’s growth people with a lot of personal development.

I started Network Marketing with health product selling companies, I made money but not the amount of money that I wanted and it was not the kind of money that I needed from a business I give my all, being a mother to 2 girls wanting what’s for them, being a sister to 4 siblings who are still finding their way to success, I had to open open up to learning on crypo and how to do my business professionally. I now proudly call myself a Network Marketing Professional excited about sharing and teaching people who want to change their lives for better.

To say that my life has changed is an understatement. I have been exposed to tremendous ways of creating generational wealth through bitcoin bitcoinvault and Elcash. There are many ways you can get involved in bitcoin but I have chosen mining because of its profitability and legitimacy. I would love us to work together in business and help you grow with our team. I present to you Mining City, a company that I am working with to mine bitcoin. Please watch the videos below for more valuable information.

Mining City Business Overview

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